Want a Private blog, but it seems as tho some ppl are getting through

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    I set my blog visibility to “allow only users you select” or whathaveyou more than a month ago because I want a private blog for now… but I just checked the stats and it’s painfully obvious that someone who isn’t me has been on the blog recently the stats say so. I haven’t added any users, anyone but me – is there something I haven’t done that needs to be done so that only I have access to read my blog? Thanks.



    If it’s the blog linked to your name, that’s private. Maybe what you saw was staff?



    Can you contact support please and let us know why you think someone has been reading your blog?



    Yes, it is the blog linked to my user name, good to know it’s showing how it should. Go figure that wordpress has support hours… I’ll send support a note in the morning. Or, if the ‘temporary’ is more than just a one day thing – I checked the stats page and saw two visits one on the 13th and one on the 14 of this month unless I’ve got my dates mixed up the day that the stats went from 4 visits to none which was about a week before the 13th and 14th was when I switched over from a public blog to a private one… meaning it was either staff(which I don’t have a problem with) or someone really wanted to check out my blog(something I can’t imagine why or who on)… since it is password protected and I wouldn’t show up if I were logged in it can’t have been me – which makes me think someone has been viewing my blog, somehow. Thank you.

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