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Want deleted blog back

  1. Hello, I deleted my blog and would like to get it back. I do not know how to reanimate it
    Blog url:

  2. Thank you very much for your quick answer.

  3. You're welcome. :) Will you please enter the top of theis thread and mark it "resolved".

  4. Thanks for your hint.
    Do you know, if this blog is deleted for ever and for everybody or will the domain be free sometimes?

  5. Deleting a blog URL is forever and will not be reversed. But what you can do is buy your won domain via a domain mapping upgrade like I do. Then it does not matter what the underlying sub-domain URL is.

  6. edit: "won" was meant to be "own"

  7. Great! Thank you :-)

  8. You're welcome. I bought domain names via domain mapping upgrades both of my blogs. :)

  9. It´s confusing me a little bit, because I am an absolutely greenhorn at WordPress. But I will learn .... and is really great, that you gave me your support.

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