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    i know it can be done, just done know how …
    im trying to set up a site that several people can post work to on their individual pages … i have a friend whose site works that way, and years ago, i could blog to more than just the main page … is it a piece of code? or?
    thanks for any suggestions, and sorry if this gets asked all the time … i couldn’t find an applicable discussion in my searching, but i know the answer is out there… cheers!

    the site is: colais.wordpress.com


    The blog I need help with is colais.wordpress.com.


    It absolutely, positively cannot be done at wordpress.COM.

    On a self-hosted blog, it is possible if you are a PHP ninja.

    One solution for here is to set up each author with their own category that they post into (this is how almost all wordpress users do it) and then use a theme that supports the custom menu feature in the top navigation. You then put the categories for all the authors into the top navigation. When someone clicks on the author’s name in the top navigation, they get a listing of only the posts by that author.



    One other way to do this is to put links to the “author” in the top navigation, such as this: http://colais.wordpress.com/author/colais/ . That will bring up a list of all posts by that particular author.

    Another way is to use the author’s widget in the sidebar of the blog. When people click on a particular author such as this: http://colais.wordpress.com/author/colais/ .

    Yet another way is to put a gravatar widget into the sidebar for each author and again link the image to the author links such as http://colais.wordpress.com/author/colais/ .



    Nothing like a rainy Sunday seeing someone’s confidence crushed by TSP!



    That’s MY job!



    Alright … so smoke and mirrors it is ….

    and it sounds like if the site is not hosted by wp … we can have several dynamic pages …. is this also correct?

    if so, its not quite as crushing as it seems! there is hope on more horizon than one, after all…


    Yes, with self-hosted, you have complete access to the underlying wordpress and theme files, so you can do anything you have the PHP skills to do. There is also one plugin available that purports to do this, but when I tried it is cause issues. That was a while ago and it might be better now.

    Using either the category solution or the author name solution here (/author/authorname/) makes it look just like it is a separate author “blog” within the blog, especially if you use the author method.

    And sorry I came across so snarky.

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