want link in footer widget image to open in new tab

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    I don’t know where to put
    and would be most grateful for help.

    The blog I need help with is mrsmrsblog.wordpress.com.



    Not possible with the Image widget: you need to use a Text widget. See here:


    I don’t believe I can put a text widget into the footers – or am I being stupid …?
    And thanks very much for your link, there, Pi: I’ve bookmarked it for future reference, with pleasure!
    I love being able to play about a bit with html: I remember back to the days of … what did we once use, my husband and I? – I think it might’ve been Homestead … where you had a split window and could adjust code below while having a semi-WYSIWYG display above.
    But my best times were spent when the wonderful Drumbeat 2000 lived.
    ANYWAY! – sorry for side rave. Thanks again.



    You’re welcome.
    “I don’t believe I can put a text widget into the footers”. Why not? If a theme supports footer widgets, you can add any of the available widgets to the footer area.


    I tried doing that and got only rubbish. Obviously the old brain is being tested beyond its 6 am capabilities.



    If you want it exactly as it is now, paste this in the Text widget:
    <div class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="width:210px;"><a target="blank" href="http://stringertravelling.com.au"><img style="width:200px;" src="http://mrsmrsblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/eur_countrynl_0001c.jpg" alt="Europe" title="The travellers" /></a><p class="wp-caption-text">Stringers - Europhiles!</p></div>

    a) The quality of the displayed image will be better if you use an image editing application to downsize a copy of the image to the desired size then upload and use that copy.
    b) The look you get with the Image widget is the default look of captioned images in the theme you’re using; with a Text widget you can style things any way you like (no dash, no frame, different frame, different text font or color or size – you name it).


    It being now after 10 pm, and me being really OLD, I have to go to bed. But it’s the first thing I’m going to do when I get up again!
    I’m REALLY grateful to you, Pi – you’re a very kind person.
    Thanks from the heart.



    Done. Exactly as instructed. And does it work? – it does. Impeccably. Of course. :-)
    Thanks again, Pi – I can see you’re a person one should know.
    I have filed you.



    You’re welcome!
    And as I said, if you’d like it to change the way it looks, let me know.


    I would, in fact. I have a bloke who lives overseas who’s supposed to be moving my blog site to my own domain/web hosts, which will move me up to .org status rather than .com, I see: if he ever gets his act together and does it, will I still be able to reach you, Pi?


    Oh, and Pi …? I would REALLY like to be able to access the html in an image widget I just put in my side bar, so as to remove the grey border.
    OTY, m’dear. :-)



    1) No, because I have no experience with self-hosted blogs (different software, different possibilities, different problems and solutions – hence separate forum).

    2) You mean the same widget, just transferred from the footer to the sidebar. If you want no border at all, use this code:

    <a target="blank" href="http://stringertravelling.com.au"><img style="width:187px;" src="http://mrsmrsblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/europe.jpg" alt="Europe" title="The travellers" /></a>
    <p style="text-align:center;">Stringers - Europhiles!</p>

    But the image is very pale and fades out at the edges, so I would at least add a very thin grey border around the image:

    <a target="blank" href="http://stringertravelling.com.au"><img style="width:185px;border:1px solid #ddd;" src="http://mrsmrsblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/europe.jpg" alt="Europe" title="The travellers" /></a>
    <p style="text-align:center;">Stringers - Europhiles!</p>

    Try both and see what you prefer.


    Different SOFTWARE??? Struth! – the blokes who’s supposed to be doing this for me told me in an email … hang on, I’ll do a C&P …
    “I can leave the current site as it is on WordPress that is no problem, however, I think you don’t fully understand how WordPress works.
    You will have the exact same UI. You won’t have to use FTP at all! So that’s a good thing. ;)
    And pretty much if you know how to use the site on WordPress.com you’ll know how to use this one.”
    So …? Was he telling me garbage?


    And I entirely forgot to thank you, as ever, for your coding help, Pi.



    You’re welcome!
    No he wasn’t telling you garbage, but he wasn’t telling you the whole truth either. As I explained, I’m not qualified to comment on the percentages.

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