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  1. Share your blog with me!

    I am looking for new, inspirational blogs to draw on for a book I am writing. I will not use any of your content -- if I like your blog, I will be contacting you for a short interview.

    Fire away, and earn yourself at least one new follower!

    You can see my blog here

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not sure if horror films are inspirational to you or not but they are to me and this is my blog :)

  3. Wednesday, June 27 will mark the 17th anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of KIMT anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City Iowa. On the blog today... part 1 of looking into the strange case.

    Read and tell us what you think about this small town television icon who has been missing for almost two decades at

    You may even help solve the mystery... never leave any stone unturned.

  4. My Independent view:

  5. Hello dear fashionable world!

  6. Read your post on "school" and liked it. I dropped out of "school" in Grade 10 having come to the conclusion that I didn't want to be indoctrinated into the wage-slave model that I was being groomed for.

    I am now trying to avoid the Robocop model our health-care system has adopted for the treatment of bad hips, knees, discs etc.

    My blog talks about the use of your own "adult stem cells" to grow new hips, knees, discs etc.

  7. My blog is brand new so only one post there atm, but much more to come.

  8. sorry forgot link




    My blog is dedicated to the non-profit organization that I am starting to help deprived regions of Africa, one of which being Somalia.

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