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Want "My Followers" publicized?

  1. Hello:

    I had a thought/idea a few moments ago: Could "My Followers" be made "public"?

    Why? Another thought/idea just came up: It would/might help refer readers of my weblog to view/visit those Users who follow my weblog.


    So far I could only view "My Followers" from the "Site Stats >> My Followers" (please refer to "[my User ID here, I think]&blog_subscribers" webpage to my Dashboard.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I do not wish my Followers to be made public.

  3. "I do not wish my Followers to be made public."


    Okay! I noticed in other weblog sites that "Members" following a weblog are made "public" as a removable "widget/gadget", of course.

    I "see" nothing wrong with sharing "Followers" from That's what "weblogs" are meant --- for sharing, almost "EVERYTHING".

  4. This is an Ideas thread. You stated your idea and I responded to it. Carry on :)

  5. @timethief Thanks for replying.

    Sure! I'll "carry on" with the "high hopes" that team AutoMATTic/WordPress would possibly implement some sort of widget/gadget that would allow us registered users the option to publicize our followers and also for the purpose of increasing traffic to their sites.

  6. Just to be clear on this.
    1. We cannot control who subscribers to our public blogs and follows them.
    2. We cannot block or delete any follower of a public blog.
    3. There are "like" button spammers out there who become our followers and we cannot delete their spammy likes either.

  7. @timethief. Good points. And once again, thanks.

    This may be a similar issue (for better control over spammers/subscribers/followers) from my other forum topic at least with regards to the "like" button.

  8. 4. We are not aware of how many people choose to follow our public blogs by subscribing to our multiple built-in RSS Feeds in feedreaders without visiting the blog.
    5. Our followers stats are inflated if we use Publicize as all our Facebook and/or Twitter followers are included in the numbers.

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