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want my tags to point to my blog

  1. at one point i thought tags i assigned to posts pointed to my blog

    now i click on a tag it goes to wordpress/tag/ ...

    if i go to the address --- it gives a

    "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

    whats going on?

    i want the tags to go to my posts.

  2. wait, not tags,

    i'm talking about categories

  3. mookiealexander

    Okay, categories are universal, tags are local. So just use tags instead of categories....

    Don't worry, I asked the same question 1 month ago. :D

  4. they changed something...

    i just added "tags" to a post and theyre still not local

    now i have to go thru all my posts and change stuff? this is getting frustrating

  5. mookiealexander

    I don't follow? What did you specifically do? Go into a little more detail.

  6. ssreporters - sorry, but that is not correct. Both tags and categories in your postsZ point to the global tag pages. The categories and tags in your sidebar are local.

  7. And this is where ssreporters had originally asked - what he posted above is NOT the answer he got:

  8. ah gawd
    i see what they did

    its not blog.wordpress/tag anymore

    its blog.wordpress/category/-category-hierarchy-

    was this on a news post somewhere and i missed it ?

  9. so now the categories in the post are useless since they point to the chaos and black hole of the entire wordpress... how is that helping me read related posts?

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