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  1. I have a small squad of IT students working with me on a project as part of the curriculum. The project I've put them involves hooking into the API ...

    They're racing through the project ninja fast and so what was originally a small project may potentially become somewhat larger. If there's any features you would like which aren't available through directly, and could be added via their XMLRPC API, please post back here and we may build them for you.

    At the moment we have a crude system which allows you to add blog posts via a web interface, but now that they have that set up, the step to adding new and interesting features shouldnt' be too big.

    All ideas, no matter how crazy they may be are welcome :) Thanks in advance for your input!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please excuse the typos. I can't find the "edit" button to correct them.

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