Want randomized option for "Posts I Like" and "Blogs I Follow" widgets

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    I noticed two new widgets called “Post I Like” and “Blogs I Follow”.

    Could you possibly implement an option within these two widgets to randomize the posts I like and blogs I follow?

    This randomize “shuffle” would allow a “fair chance” of viewership to other WordPress.com weblogs, especially for the “Blogs I Follow” widget, which only allows the “number of blogs to show at most 50”.


    P.S. Please move this topic to the appropriate forum, if necessary.

    The blog I need help with is thebloggingpath.wordpress.com.



    I like the “Blogs I Follow” widget. Especially the grid view. What I’m wondering though is why, when you hover the mouse over a picture in the grid, the name of the blog does not show as a tooltip. I’m assuming this is the way it was designed and not a glitch. Would be nice for someone to know what the blog is, instead of having to click through to find out.

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