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    I’d like to add a 1px solid black border to an image I just posted. I think the required string of code should be added to “Image CSS Class” under the image’s Advanced Options. But I can’t figure out exactly what to type there to produce the border.

    I’m hoping I’m on the right track here, because this would be simpler than trying to insert the property in the code on the Text editing page. In any case, how would I add such a border?

    The blog I need help with is piedtype.com.



    Okay, I found a support page that seems to indicate “Image CSS Class” is not the right place. (Frankly I’ve no idea what “Image CSS Class” is or means.)

    In lieu of that, could someone please supply the bit of code that I need to insert in my image’s HTML on the Text editing page to produce a 1px solid black border? I can then save that code as an example for all future border needs. I know it’s something like border=”1px solid black;” but I can’t get it to work. I may be messing up where the quotes go.

    Help, please.



    Finally figured it out. For those with the same problem, this is what worked for me. After the “image class” attribute in your HTML, insert:

    style=”border:1px solid #F7F0F0;”

    Change the size, style, and color to suit your particular needs. (After seeing the result, I changed black to a very light gray.)

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