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    hi dear friends
    i want to add google verification meta tag in my theme’s body structure
    but its says you have to purshace css update :S
    can any one help me



    I went to the site listed, and I do not understand either instruction to verify my site. I don’t know where to put the coding they specify. Do I go to my edit CSS place? Where exactly should I place the coding they supply?

    I’d ‘upload the html file’ and put it on my page, if I knew how to do that, either.

    Could someone ‘splain it a little teeny bit more clearly?



    Put it in a post, via the HTML editor.


    But it’s not a post. I don’t want something to show up as a post that’s not a post–won’t that confuse my two or three readers? Or will it be invisible? Well, I’m going to go do it and see. The worst, I can delete the post. Maybe you make it one of those ‘private posts’ I see listed.


    Okay, here’s how it works. Google will give you a code, if you choose the upload an html thing-y. Just copy it and, opening a new window at your site and then your dashboard, paste the code you copied into a post on the same page you regularly post in. I pasted into the title and into the body, too. Then publish it, and go to your site and make sure it’s there. I didn’t make it one of those ‘private posts,’ under the assumption that google couldn’t find it that way.

    Then go back to that google page in the other tab and click on Verify. Google will go there and after that, mark you as ‘verified.’ That’s what it did for me. That being done, I deleted the post. But I’m pretty sure the verification will stick. I think it’s a one time thing, right?

    Tra la tra la.


    Hi Raincoaster

    do you mean the wordpress html editor ?

    I have opened a post ( html editor ) and trying to insert this code :

    <meta name=”Description” content=”Blog di Diritto Spagnolo”>

    but does not work.

    Suggestions ?



    You cannot add meta tags to a WordPress.com blog, and you do not need to as long as you are using keywords appropriately in your tags, categories, titles, filenames, and content. Verifying with Google is a different thing altogether, and that’s what I was talking about.

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