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Want to add new user account with blog name, but not possible.

  1. Here's how the problem occurred:

    1. Already own a blog called When I registered for this site a long time ago, I registered with the user name 'mindsome'.

    2. Created a new blog called, but now I can't register for a new name 'ohsnapletseat' because I get this error: "Sorry, but the username ohsnapletseat isn't available."

    I assume this is because that blog exists... but I own it, so how do I create or make a username called ohsnapletseat?

    I also already tried signing in with that name thinking maybe it is reserved for me already but nope, it is not.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When we register a username account the matching blog is reserved for our future use. It cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username.

    Blog names are the same as usernames for the most part. Usernames can be turned into blog names, but blog names cannot be turned into usernames.

  3. Right, but this is not for 'someone else' as it is for me, the person that owns the blog. I just want to confirm that basically WordPress does not have the functionality for me to create a username even though I am the owner of the blog?

  4. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Thanks, timethief.

  6. Unfortunately, existing blog names cannot be converted into user names.

  7. Aww, that's too bad. Wish I knew about that before I created a new blog!

    Thanks anyway, everyone.

  8. @macmanx
    Thanks for confirming that for me again.

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