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    I want to add a tiny bit of lead-in text for a link in my blogroll. An example would be a link to Sparkpeople.. If I wanted my link to say Join Me at Sparkpeople, but only have the word Sparkpeople clickable. This has bugged me for hours. I tried to switch to a text widget, but then would have to rearrange my entire theme. If this were simple html, I would only have to move the words “Join Me At” before the a href tag.

    It is just one link I need to change so a simple hack would be fine.



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    If you are talking about a wordpress.COM blog, that is not possible, and as far as I know for it to be possible with a self-hosted blog would not only require hacking the widget code, but would require hacking the wordpress core dashboard PHP and javascript to add in the necessary field for you to add the text. And if you did that, then next update to wordpress core would wipe out your hacks so you would have to add them back in.

    Your only choice really is to create your own blogroll using a text widget. Then you can add whatever text you want and also link only the text you please.


    But you can display some text after the link.
    Edit Link: add text in Description field, update.
    Links Widget: check option “Show Link Description”, save.



    Thank you panaghiotisadam, but I was trying to put it before the text, I took thesacredpath’s suggestion. Thank you guys.

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