Want to attach my domain name to new WordPress site . . .

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    without losing the contents of my old WordPress site. I have the old site linked to the new as “archives.” Now I want “Nonprofiteer.net” to go to ChicagoNow.the-nonprofiteer/

    The blog I need help with is nonprofiteer.net.



    Hi there.

    Can you clarify what you want to do?

    Right now, any traffic going to “nonprofiteer.wordpress.com” is being redirected to “nonprofiteer.net”. Please let me know what site you want to use instead of your WordPress.com site.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



    So here’s the challenge: I’ve switched to ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer, which is another WordPress blog. The people at ChicagoNow tell me I can’t make ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer (or the WordPress version of that) refer to nonprofiteer.net; also that I can’t transfer my archives from nonprofiteer.wordpress.com to ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer. Is this really true? I’ve posted a notice at nonprofiteer.net, “go to this new address” and the “archives” button on the new site connects back to nonprofiteer.net–if we manage to make ChicagoNow connect to nonprofiteer.net, will I lose everything I’ve written for the past 5 years? If so, it’s certainly not worth it–I’ll just let people get used to the new name–but I’d prefer to have my nonprofiteer.net name connected to ChicagoNow’s network of readers. Am I asking for the moon? Thanks for any help you can give.



    ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer is not a WordPress.com blog. It’s a WordPress.ORG blog.

    http://nonprofiteer.net/ IS a WordPress.com blog.

    Yes, you can transfer your archives from one blog to another; I don’t know why they’d say you can’t, unless the actual owner of ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer doesn’t want your archives on their site. What you do is simply Export your content from the WP.com site and Import it into the other one.

    If they don’t want that, then they can simply put a link on ChicagoNow.com/the-nonprofiteer that goes to your WP.com site and call it “archives” or whatever.

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