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  1. I've been tagged in this game where I answer 11 questions, I tag some friends and then they answer 11 questions I make up for them. I've only got 3 or so people to tag and was wondering if someone wants to be? Please let me know! :D

    If you wanna check out my blog its or just click my name :P

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Secretly, bloggers hate these games.

  3. idiotphotographer

    I'm with noirciplume on this one. Only I'm not so secret about it.

  4. And I was tagged with this (silly) game. Sorry I don't like it.

  5. Woah.. A lot of hate! At least I know?? :)

  6. It's no secret at all, bloggers hate getting tagged.

  7. Tagged? I don't know what that is. I'm a bit dim so.....please explain.

  8. This is a (silly) game where the OP posted 11 questions is his/her blog and tagged 11 people to ask them to post those questions with answers, and asking more 11 questions on his blog and tag 11 people t answer them and so on. Much like the "answer a question ask a question'' thread here.

  9. Edited on their blog

  10. The motivation behind any meme like this one is getting backlinks.

  11. I should have typed:
    All memes are created for the purpose of getting backlinks. Those who defend them say they are a great way for new bloggers to locate other blogs and make new blogging friends, who may become blog commenters, followers/suscribers on their blogs. They are similar to chain letters.

  12. Ahaha I don't mind them unless they get to the point where they say "You will die unless you do....." blah blah blah :P Then I don't do them.
    I'm supposed to have been dead many years ago and in many terrible ways according to death chain mail! I'm living on the edge!!!

  13. Ah! I see. Like text msgs where you are asked to forward a msg to 12+ friends and you will be blessed with good fortune. Blah! Boring.

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