Want to change font from gray to black

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    Hi my blog is, http://www.charlidholbrook.com and I’d like to change the sidebar text from gray to black. That’s it. Please help? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is charlidholbrook.com.


    This should do it for you. The hover color in the sidebar will still remain the reddish/pinkish color.

    #sidebar, .widget ul li a:link, .widget ul li a:visited {
    color: #000000;

    Aww thanks! It changed, however the hover color isn’t still pink like before. Is it possible to keep the hover pink as well?


    Hmmm, that should NOT have overwritten the hover color. Add the following to get it back.

    .widget ul li a:hover {
    color: #F3686D !important;

    THANK you! It worked just fine.


    Okay last question, promise!

    How do I change the hover color on the entire blog to FF3366? Including the hover on the top menu. Just a different shade of pink than the default one.


    When you say the hover color on the entire blog, do you mean menu tabs, post titles, tags and categories under the posts, links in the posts themselves, everything?


    Just the menu tab. On my theme, my menu tab has that pinkish hover that highlights under the word, when you hover over it.

    I’d like that changed to FF3366, as well as the sidebar hover. (the black font)


    This catches the line under the menu tabs on hover, and also for the current page item in the nav.

    #pagenav li.current_page_item a, #pagenav li.current-menu-item a, pagenav li.current-menu-ancestor a, #pagenav li a:hover {
    border-color: #FF3366;

    That works! Thanks again! :)


    You are welcome.



    Hello. Was wondering if you could help me as well. I’d like to change the body font color from white to black.

    My blog name is ludditezine.wordpress.com

    Thank you!!



    Since you are using a different theme than the original poster in this thread, could you please start a new thread so that it doesn’t confuse others that might come to this one.

    Many thanks and I’ll watch for that new thread (please put it in the CSS forum).


    Hi again thesavredpath,

    What is the code to change the color of my title to #FF3366 ? (where it says, ps…lovecharli)

    Thank you in advance!!


    This will do it.

    .site-title a:link, .site-title a:visited {
    color: #FF3366;

    You’re awesome! Thanks!


    You are welcome and thanks.

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