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    I feel like I ought to know this but I’m coming up with blanks here. I have the CSS upgrade, using the Lifestyle theme. I don’t like that backslash line that separates the widgets and would prefer to simply have a 2px solid line but I can’t figure out how to change it. Vertical I can get – horizontal for the whole section is eluding me.

    I’m also planning on changing my blockquote color and I know how to do that. I’d like my sidebar background to match, but that’s another one I can’t figure out. I’d like it to extend to the bottom of the page rather than ending when my widgets end if that’s possible. I don’t know the color #’s yet since it’ll depend on the header that I’m still working on, so I guess just call it “x” if you can help.

    Thank you so much, this forum has been a lifesaver as I muddle through my blog changeover.

    The blog I need help with is basiasbookshelf.wordpress.com.


    To get rid of the backslash line between widgets in the Lifestyle theme and replace it with a solid 2px line, try this:

    .sidebar .widget {
      background: none;
      border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc;

    To set the blockquote and sidebar background color to the same thing at the same time, use this CSS:

    blockquote, .sidebar {
      background-color: whiteSmoke;

    Yes, success!! Thank you so much, it worked perfectly. That was driving me crazy, I don’t know why but I obsess about my sidebars.

    Have an awesome weekend. :)

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