How can I change my domain name if I've already purchased the upgrade?

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    Hi there,

    I paid to map to my WP blog but now I want to change it to

    How do I delete the first and replace it with the second?

    Blog url:


    You can’t delete a domain registration yourself, but you can ask for a refund for a domain registration if your request is received within two days of purchase. When you cancel a domain registration, there is no guarantee that it will become available again or that you will be able to get it back. Can you please confirm that you would like to cancel your ownership of

    To add a new domain mapping upgrade to any blog, just add it normally from the Upgrades → Domains page inside the wp-admin pages.


    Hang on, I spoke too soon. Your upgrade for is a domain mapping upgrade, not a registration. You can get a refund for a domain mapping upgrade if you cancel it within 30 days of purchase. Do you want me to remove it and process a refund for you?


    Please cancel the chadwickmoore mapping upgrade…I want to map murderoftheweek instead. Do I receive a refund then pay again? thanks for your help..


    No problem. I’ve canceled the domain mapping upgrade and refunded it for you. The refund should show up in your bank account within a few days, and you should just pay again to map the new domain. Note that it’s possible to map several domains to a blog at once. When you do that, all of the domains will simply redirect to whatever you set as the primary domain.

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