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    I would like to cancel my domain registration with google apps and register my domain name “lawyernista.com” through WordPress. How can I do this other than contacting my registrar (which I no longer not have any record off)?

    Mapping does not work because google apps provides no access to the domain server, so I cannot change the name.

    I want to keep my blog with wordpress as is but change the domain name from lawyernista.wordpress.com to lawyernista.com.

    Do I have to wait until the registration through google apps expires? Or is there another way?

    Thanks much for any feedback!


    The blog I need help with is lawyernista.wordpress.com.



    I strongly discourage letting the domain expire.

    Once a domain expires and passes an arbitrary period when it can only be renewed through your registrar, it enters a redemption period when it can only be renewed for a rather outrageous fee.

    If it’s not renewed by the end of the of the redemption period, it’s awarded to any back-orders, turned over to a domain auction house if there are none, and eventually returned to the open market if there are no bidders.

    The whole process takes about 90 days for your expired domain to return to the open market, provided that no one purchased it in the mean time.

    Unfortunately, we can’t accept incoming domain transfers here, but you can certainly transfer it to another registrar and map it here following this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/

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