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    Hi. I’ve been making pages for each category I want but they are getting too long and hard to navigate. I looked in the help section and it suggests making parent pages with each one you want as a post linked to it’s parent. I’ve been trying to copy sections over onto new pages but my problem is that all my formatting work gets reset (using ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to repost). I want to be able to split up the multiple ‘posts’ on each page into their own pages but not loose the work I’ve already done.

    The blog I need help with is dracos1.wordpress.com.



    If you’re looking at my page(s), a good place to look is the ‘Assists’ page to see what I mean. I’d like to have each ‘post’ (They all have headers) put into it’s own page and would like to just be able to copy them over as is and have it done but when I tried I lost most of the formatting I’d done. Bold and italics copied but none of the colors did.


    To copy as is, switch the editor to html.



    What i figure out is you need to split up the long page content into more than one pages for easy navigation. You can check out the Next Page Pagination for that


    This will help you to split up the content easily



    Thanks guys, both help :)

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