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Want to claim abandoned blog username

  1. poorimpulsecontrol

    I tried to set up a blog with a specific username, and was told that name was taken. However, when I went to that blog's URL, I saw this message:

    >>This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.<<

    If the account is deleted, is there any way to claim this particular name/URL? Thanks.

  2. Nope. The word from the gods is "once they're gone, they're gone".

    Bit crappy, but that's the way it is I'm afraid.

  3. Blast. I've a similar prob. I wanted to register (my nickname and pretty unique should you google it) but somehow it exists. I surely must have been a f**k-up on my part when I first started out with WP, because that blog hasn't moved for months now... Ergo, it's mine (whine), but I obviously can't login there!
    How do it get that straightened out?

  4. Email support @ with lots of details about when you got it, email address used etc. That might work......

  5. Thanks. I'll see if I can compile some sort of summary and send it to them.

    Gee, this sure is one of those moments I wish I actually made notes of things sometimes; I'm gonna have to dig very deep if I want to remember all that stuff.

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