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want to create send e-card form

  1. I want to create a page to send e-cards. But I cannot create custom form in word press, to add recipients email address.and also there isn't option to add 'Cancel' button to form. How can I do it ..please help me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot use any form codes on a free hosted WordPress.COM blog except this contact form

  3. Hi thank you,
    But my blog inst free. I registered a domain at WordPress. I need a few slight alterations to my form to send e-card and all. eg. want to send card to recipient when submit button clicked. And I also want to add cancel button. But there is no such option available in contact form.

  4. The fact that you have domain and I have domains for my blogs is not relevant. All having a domain changes is the URL and nothing else

  5. Those kinds of coding are complex and can't be used here; they will be stripped out for security reasons. They are only available on WordPress.ORG installs, where you would also have to pay for a domain name, but you'd also have to pay for hosting as well.

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