Want to delete a rogue page

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    The address noted above is the page I want to completely delete. The page I want reader to be directed to is: http://mertonocso.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/a-novice-and-his-master-part-one-2/ which is the true address of my site.

    The page at the first address appeared sometime last week and is not in the version I want available to the public. The only evidence that this page exists at all is found on my Stats page where it is listed as Home page (underlined). If you click that you get this rogue page. I have been trying to get this deleted for some by emailing support but they do not seem to understand the problem.

    I am entirely new at this ‘creating a website’ procedure so am having a hard time explaining the problem. Perhaps someone in this forum will be able to get to the root of my problem.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is mertonocso.wordpress.com.



    I thought the address given when sending this question would appear above the request. Address which provides the rogue page is: http://mertoncso.wordpress.com
    Sorry for the bum steer.

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