want to delete dashboard… How to?

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    Hi, I created a blog using my business name,but intended to use it for non-business (I know… I wasn’t thinking) I clearly don’t know how wordpress works, so I just thought, well… I’ll just add another blog under the info I’ve already input – thinking that the 2 blogs would be seperate. Now I realize after doing some reading here… that I need to start a whole new blog with its own user name and password – problem is, now the name I want to use is taken up by Me! Can I delete the dashboard? There are no posts in it.. I’m thinking if I could just delete the dashboard, I could use that name to start over completely with it. Can anyone help? Please??
    Thanks in advance!



    You don’t have to delete the dashboard and you can’t. You can delete the blog but you said you want the user name so why not just rename the blog under the options menu and edit you user info, under the users menu in the dashboard?



    I would like to also suggest you carefully read FAQ regarding deleting blogs.

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