Want To Duplicate All-of-a-Site's-Data, Not Just Export-Tool's-Data…

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    Want To Duplicate All-of-a-Site’s-Data, Not Just Export-Tool’s-Data…

    Creating a series of sites, in which the bulk of the data is the same — see http://waltsstarsandstripes.wordpress.com/ and http://waltsamericanlegion.wordpress.com/ as examples.

    Export just duplicates posts, pages, and related.

    I don’t see a way of duplicating a site, soup to nuts, and then using that data to flesh-out a new site, having then to change (in my case) only the post and rss-feed references.

    If this can be done… how.

    If not, I can not believe I am the first and only user who would find such a tool helpful.

    Thanks in advance

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