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Want to find blogs to follow.....

  1. Yo! so i want some blogs to follow, interesting, exciting and different blogs none of that mainstream crap....I joke.
    Anyway put your blog down here and give a brief description of yah blog and I'll check it out and maybe just maybe add to your endless list of SCORE!
    3,2,1 COMMENCE....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why you don't follow me already is beyond me :P, if you like profanity you'll like me, even if you don't like profanity and you just like reading awesome shit there's something on there that'll entertain you if even for a moment. My blog is what could happen if your life was worse.


  3. Hahaha I like your confidence and humbleness? (that's not even a word is it)
    Off to insanity I go- has a nice little ring to it doesn't it? :)

  4. Haha it sure does :D

  5. I'd be honoured if you click my name and have a look. If you want humour, check out the 'spamfighting' or 'dating disasters' posts.

    My blog could never be called mainstream...

  6. The Embarrassment - You do not want to miss out on this.

  7. I want to follow you guys too! Yay!

    ANyway, not sure if you have started to follow me yet, but I signed on for you the first post I read. :)

  8. Hah I followed you Tess when I read you were a creative writing teacher :P

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    I am a professional writer and my blog reflects aspects of that. I also include movie reviews, some photography and posts about my personal life. So there is an eclectic mix involved.

    Hope you enjoy my blog! :)

  10. La Plume Noire My life's ambition of becoming a photographer. Lots of photographs included.


    If you want to be a better person, read my blog. Critics say that I'm an inspiration, and I can agree, because my life's goal is to get the world record in "Most Steven Seagal Jokes."

  12. Aww. ..thanks, Pete. I followed yours because you had "insanity" in the title and plus I am such a big fan of evolution! (your posts are funny too!)

    I am a bad example though. My students write better than I do sometimes! And they are more diligent about grammar and punctuation. :P

  13. I followed Daniel because I like how the tree in his photo looks like a hand scratching his head and ever since I did, I find that yes, I AM a much better person! :)

    Let's see. ..and Kenneth likes Neil Young. . .woot. . .and

  14. La Plume has a lot of class in prose and photos. ..
    tltc and sami are witty and fun. ..
    and James likes to talk with everyone about college and theater.

  15. Count me in.

  16. ahh this is great! I forgot about this thread and so I need to start following and quick.....wish me luck as I venture out into the world of following people I don't know, my mum would be so disappointed if she knew what I was about to do ha :)

  17. OK - I am probably the most non-mainstream there is. Am I bragging? Not at all, just being realistic.

    Not many people marry an asylum seeker and fight their government for his spouse visa and step-parentage of four children.

    Furthermore, not many people then start to write a book about it.

    So, Joe..................... I dare you - follow me!

  18. @teamoyeniyi erm wow I'm sold and I have event been on your blog yet......dare excepted.....

  19. He he he :)

  20. Guys can I ask you to check it I'm following you or not-I thought I had sorted it out but I doesn't seem to suggest I am following you on my 'blogs you follow' page. Thanks

  21. You might want to follow me too. Like stories about goats and cutting off your own head? While, sure you do! joejames93, come on down!



  23. Follow me at The Mainland if you like satire in a newspaper like theme. It's quite humorous, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself. 4 out 5 WordPress bloggers would recommend The Mainland to their friends.

  24. My blog is mostly about my photography, often accompanied by different texts (be it poems, quotes or descriptions)

    thx for checking it out! :)

  25. If you don't already know who I am, I'm not sure I want you following me.

  26. ROTFLMAO - Raincoaster, self-aggrandizing, much? *wink*

  27. i blog about fashion, food, and inspirations

  28. Check mine out it is a blog about Anything

    It's newer because I just transferred it here, but it will have a lot of funny things on it, sports, news, entertainment, youtube videos and much more! :D

  29. My personal Blog

    Havent posted in awhile but Im going to start again soon.

  30. Why don't you check out my blog site at I pretty much just post it on whatever's on my mind. I also do special holiday posts, such as this coming Christmas which I will be posting when I feel the time is appropriate. Other than that, it's either life lessons or... life's daily concepts. It's quite interesting. :)
    Feel free to comment if you have any opinions on any of my columns. As a message for others, since I trust that you're not the trolling type, if you like to troll people do so elsewhere. Or if you have anything offensive in mind, either keep those types of comments to yourselves or I will delete them and hope you don't ever comment on my blog again, since I have no idea how to IP ban yet. Also, try not to spam my comments. xD I've noticed a bit of that on my columns lately. Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading my columns. :)

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