Want to go to a custom Domain, how can I avoid canonicalization?

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    I want to change from the default WordPress domain to a custom one. I read in the support section what it said about doing this upgrade. It said after you make the change it will link to both url’s. Canonicalization is a serious problem with SEO and I want to avoid it. Is their any way to reduce it to each page having one url after domain upgrade, or is my only option to repost the hundreds of posts I have and trash the ones I did on the default WordPress domain? Will I have to manually do all my 1000’s of internal links also. I do not have the CSS upgrade yet, if I go to a custom domain can you add a robot.txt where you make the user-agent: *, using the wild card would hit all the search engine robots and then make disallow: /tommysimpson.wordpress.com? This would keep the search engine robots out of my old url addresses. But my internal links are to the old default url’s. This is the methods most of the robots use to crawl a site, by using the links, so it might cause a problem with the robots if we did this. I am open for suggestions what options do you have?
    Blog url: http://tommysimpson.wordpress.com/



    There won’t be any duplication, rather tommysimpson.wordpress.com and all old links will be permanently redirected to your new domain and its links.

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