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  1. I rant sometimes about people wanting us to read their blogs but not bothering to tell us ANYTHING about themselves...
    Duh, I don't have unlimited time and have gotten to the point where I now simply refuse to click on what I call "empty links" = posts that only say " click here to see my blog"...

    Well I decided I also wanted to do more than rant about it, I want to improve things.. so I'm running a competition on my blog and YOU could win a Kiwidutch Feature Post .. all about YOUR blog!

    Yes, I will shamelessly promote the WINNER... so if you are interested then read on here for the nitty gritty bits of entering...

    Moi...."Join in with the culinary, crafting and travelling adventures of a Local Heart, Global Soul. Photographic evidence documents every step as Fanatical Foodie Kiwidutch opens her camera case and gives you a virtual tour at home and abroad."

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @kiwidutch
    I'm with you on this. Every time I see another lame thread posted into this blog promotion forum that contains no blog promotion at all, I am tempted to publish a rant on my blog about it.

    Good on your for trying to help withe the edcuation process. :)

  3. Thanks TT,

    I know I know, It's painful isn't it? surely if you love to blog then you should not be short on words (Heaven knows I never am LOL)

    I want people to SELL me their blog, in their very best words... I'm hoping that if they can successfully "advertise" their blog to me, then they can do it to others too.
    I have built up an established readership, who come back again and again, and it;s growing... what NONE of us want to do is to spend hours "looking" for blogs that might interest us,

    in these busy days we want to cut to the chase and go directly to the blogs that we feel some affinity with.

    If bloggers REALLY want in increase their readership then at the very least they need to expend the effort to tell people what they are about.

    Thus the attempt at education: I can but try eh? :)

  4. Bumping because there is still a little time left to enter and be in the draw to win being "mini pressed" by Kiwidutch...

    Kiwidutch: the foodie, crafty, travel fanatic who's camera case is open for you to hitch a free ride and enjoy...

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