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    Hi, on my blog at flawlessexa.wordpress.com, I am using the zBench theme and I want to stop the child pages from popping up when the mouse rolls over it. As I have a long list of child pages under some, it can get cluttered and direct users from clicking the parent page. Is there any way to hide the child pages or to prevent the drop-down list?

    Any help will be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is flawlessexa.wordpress.com.


    Create a custom menu and then just don’t put those pages into the custom menu. You will have to create some other way for your visitors to get to those pages though such as a custom menu widget in the sidebar with just the child pages perhaps.



    That wouldn’t work because the child pages will still pop up when scrolled over the parent pages, which has to be there. I already have a menus but those child pages are popping up under the parent, appearing twice.

    Precisely what I want to do is to hide the child pages or to prevent the drop-down list. Thanks for your suggestion though.


    No, if you create a custom menu, ONLY the pages you put into the custom menu will show up regardless of whether they are children of another or not. That is the beauty of custom menus. You are in complete control.


    No I meant that the pages will still show up under the tabs at the top. Basically, all of my pages that I have created will show up as either the tab if it’s a parent, or pop up under the tab when it’s scrolled over if it’s a child.



    That’s what TSP is after.

    If you create a custom menu from Appearance -> Menus in your Dashboard, you will completely override the automatic menu with a menu that you create and organize yourself.

    If you don’t add the child pages, the won’t be there.

    See this for more info: http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/


    @flawlessxa, go here: http://allthekingshorses.wordpress.com/ .

    Note that on the “about” menu there are NO subpages showing (no dropdown)?

    Now look in the sidebar and you will see subpage 1, subpage 2 and subpage 3 are children of the about page and subpage 3a is a child of subpage 3, but none of them show on the top menu.


    Ah, I now see! I did not know that the custom menu could affect the menu tabs. I am sorry for misinterpreting your comments.

    Thank you Macmanx and TheSacredPath! I appreciate your help and patients with me. Thank you for your time.


    You are welcome, and glad we could get you were you wanted to go.



    You’re welcome!

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