want to import the blog already imported before

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    I have a Blogspot Blog, which I want to transfer here at wordpress.
    When I created WordPress Account, I had imported the entire blog from blogspot. But then I took time to reload the image with every entry, meanwhile I had keep on updating the blogspot blog, thinking that I will import the blog again.

    But, now when I go for importing, it says that I have 100% imported my blogspot blog.

    Please help me in importing the updated entries from blogspot.
    I don’t want to create another wordpress account. I want to keep the address as it is.




    I don’t think you can reimport your import without totally starting over (delete). And it was odd to keep updating the blogspot blog when you’d already started WordPress.com. Oh, well.

    The best bet is to manually copy and paste the posts you added to your blogspot blog to your WordPress.com blog.

    Copy and paste doesn’t take long. I’ve done it with over a hundred posts. It just takes some time, but it goes pretty fast. Just make sure you change the dates to reflect their original posting date.



    How can I delete the present import ??
    I kept on updating the blogspot because I wanted to prepare the wordpress before making it public. and I was taking too much time to edit each entry for the images uploaded on blogspot.
    So I thought I would be able to import again.

    Please tell me how to delete the present wordpress blog, so that I can continue with the same name as I have right now.

    I will prefer to import, instead of copy paste, because I also want to import all the comments on different posts.

    Please help. Thanks.



    Only thing you can do is delete the posts with your WordPress blog. If you actually delete the Wp blog, you won’t be able to get it back.

    Before you do anything though, I would do a backup of your WP blog with the export feature just in case something goes wrong.

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