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    can i make a page to appear in my dashboard but not in my sidebar , its for my codes and links , harry

    The blog I need help with is harrythehandyman.wordpress.com.



    Yes you can do that by creating a Page and making the visibility “private” so you alone can see it. Then you can remove the link to that Page from displaying in the Pages widget.


    thank you i will try it out , thats a great blog site you have , harry


    i got the page ok with no problem , tried it out and its not going to do what i’m looking for i wanted to save all the links and codes to it , the links and codes will not work being saved that way , but i’ll use it for something else , harry



    Maybe if you gave us more information about what it is you intend to use the page for we could come up with a better solution for you.


    its just to have any links , codes , etc; to hand in my dashboard it’s just a thought but it doe’s not matter , the links above if i copy and paste them they will not work, but its not important , harry



    You have just described why I have a private “test blog” or two or three … lol :D Although I have to copy paste any links into my browser it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to do that. Bye for now. :)

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