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Want to Make Feed Index

  1. Hello

    I have more than 570 posts on my blog. I want to make one title index of my all posts
    using RSS feeds facility and i want to show it on my another website in HTML code
    for that i used verious RSS2HTML codes. But the problem is It only shows me
    10 titles. I checked SYNDICATION FEED option and i make it 600. But it not worked
    So what should i do to make index of all my posts ? is there any setting in WORDPRESS
    to show all feeds right from beginning.

    please guide me.


  2. will export up to 20 items in a feed.

    The other place where you are setting it up to read the feed is probably limited to ten.

    (the RSS sidebar widget is limited to 10)

  3. @rdgujarati
    This may possibly do it for you
    ->dashboard -> options -> reading -> syndication feeds (change the number in the checkbox to 570)-> select full text -> click update options

  4. You may also need to do a forced reload of the feed page to get them displayed. I know I have to when I'm viewing a feed.

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