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Want to make temporary landing page for my site

  1. Hi--I want to make a temporary landing page for my site I am still in the design process, so don't want even the heading/header or any page headings to show--just a blank page where I can write a few sentences explaining when the site will launch and give the option to subscribe. Is there a simple way of creating this? Without making the actual/rest of site visible?

    Thanks in advance for any help:)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Clickable link to site in question:

    You could get yourself another free blog and use it to set up your "real" blog with the theme and headers you want. Put the launch-date message on the "real blog" while you work on the test/set-up extra blog. When that is ready, then export the test blog to the "real" blog.

  3. In my experience you are making a common, but serious, mistake.

    When a site is new, people don't care what it looks like. Just do a soft launch, without press releases, etc.

    For one thing, most people aren't prepared for the challenges of doing custom design on and waiting till your periods are PERFECTLY round could delay you up to eight months.

    Nobody is ever going to subscribe to something that isn't live unless it's INCREDIBLY compelling, and a free site without even a custom domain is not compelling.

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