Want to move my follower from mukundtechie.wordpress.com to mukundtechie.com

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    Dear Support,
    I want to move all my followers from mukundtechie.wordpress.com to mukundtechie.com and I have already installed jet pack. Please suggest how can I get all the followers and comments.

    Hope to hear soon from you!
    Mukund Chaudhary

    The blog I need help with is mukundtechie.com.


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    Staff can do that for you. If you subscribe to this thread, then you’ll be notified when there is a response.


    Thanks for the reply. I hope staff will see this post soon.


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    Be patient. They are away on a staff meet-up but they will see the modlook tag. ≥^!^≤


    Thanks. Can I get all my comments as well along with the followers.


    @1tess:- Can I do something that my wordpress hosted and own hosted remains synced. Like if I get a like on wordpress hosted then it should reflect on my site.


    Still waiting for the reply from staff but no luck. I have already installed jetpack and connected it to my wordpress site.

    Please help me.


    Dear Staff,

    This issue is not resolved. Please check this thread.



    Please help me. It seems that this post is not visible to any of the moderator nor any staff. Please help me. I am waiting from last 2 days to get a reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mukund Chaudhary



    The staff can indeed see that this thread is flagged for their attention. The problem is, they work from OLDEST to NEWEST threads, and by posting to it, you just moved it to the back of the line. Wait. Do not post to the thread.




    Well, who wants to tell him that staff are away till the 10th then?



    The subscribers have been moved as requested. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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