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Want to move subtext in title down a bit

  1. simplestrategiesllc

    I have a larger header, and below it is small subtext, I would like to move it down because currently the "p" in "Simple" is is running into the text below

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To move the tagline down a bit in the Headlines theme, try this:

    .site-description {
    margin-top: 1em;
    display: block;
  3. simplestrategiesllc


  4. Cheers. :)

  5. simplestrategiesllc

    since i have ur attention:

    2 things I want to do:

    1) remove "uncategorized"
    2) change color of top menu bar

    Other question: is my current homepage, but I am migrating it over here, can I make my blog a seperate page from my homepage? or does it need a different domain name like ?


  6. In the Headlines themes, categories are displayed on the 2nd menu line. That list shows a list of categories on your blog that currently have at least one published post. One way to get rid of 'Uncategorized' there would be to go to Posts → Categories, find the post that is using 'Uncategorized' and edit the post to use a different category.

    You may also want to change the default post category to something else on the Settings → Writing page. After you do that, you can go back to Posts → Categories and delete 'Uncategorized' all together.

  7. simplestrategiesllc

    awesome again haha!

  8. simplestrategiesllc

    how about changing the top menu font size?

  9. In the Headlines theme, the top navigation part of the header uses an image as the background and sets it up with this CSS:

    #page-nav {
    background: url(images/bg-pagenav.png) repeat;

    To change the color, you could replace the image in that CSS with a color code instead. Here is an example to illustrate:

    #page-nav {
    background: yellow;

    Change out the color with one that you select.

  10. You can make your blog separate from your home page. See

  11. You can change the top menu (or page navigation) font size in the Headlines theme with CSS like this:

    #page-nav a {
    font-size: 1.3em;
  12. simplestrategiesllc

    can i have multiple static pages?

  13. Yep, you can have as many pages as you'd like. Of course, only one can be set as the front page.


    And see

  14. simplestrategiesllc

    thank you for guiding me through this process

  15. simplestrategiesllc

    I only want the blog features like "recent posts", "Archives". etc, to show up on the blog page.

    I also only want the second menu to show when the blog page is visited, to show the categories of blog posts.

    any advice?

  16. simplestrategiesllc

    only 1 question:

    i cant remove comments from static pages

    please help

  17. @simplestrategiesllc, for totally separate topics, can you make new threads so that we can keep like subject matter all the same?

  18. I only want the blog features like "recent posts", "Archives". etc, to show up on the blog page.

    As it looks like you already found, you can make a page display as full width by selecting the "Full Width" page template under Page Attributes while you are editing a page on a blog using the Headlines theme.

    I also only want the second menu to show when the blog page is visited, to show the categories of blog posts.

    This CSS would work to hide the category navigation on any page that has a body class of "page" (which should work to hide it for pages and keep it for "Blog" (the posts page) and posts.

    .page #cat-nav {
    display: none;
  19. You should be able to turn comments off for a page using the Discussion module while editing the page. See for details.

  20. simplestrategiesllc

    ok i will make sure to post new threads, thank you.

    When putting in CSS for specific pages, like hiding the menu on specific pages, is that done on the CSS editor part? or in the html part of individual pages?

  21. simplestrategiesllc

    got that answer.

    what about changing font colors in the menu

  22. simplestrategiesllc

    ok so i want to make my back ground "stitched", where do i put this code?

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