Want to “name” my hyperlink in a post

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    I would like to give links in a post something to click on rather than the long url.

    For instance, instead of “www.wordpress.com,” I’d like it to say “wordpress” (w/ the ability to click on it and go to the link). I can’t seem to figure out how (even using the link button). I’m missing a step somewhere.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    The blog I need help with is slworrell.wordpress.com.


    Using your example: type “wordpress”, highlight it, click link button, paste http://wordpress.com/ into the link box, click OK.



    That is called “anchor text”. The format for linking to anchor text is always the same. Here it is:

    <a href="http://">anchor text </a>

    Just insert “name” where “anchor text” is. This post explains how to select and use anchor text effectively in your posts.



    Thank you both. I knew it was something simple!



    You’re welcome. So many people are using the ridiculous “click here” as anchor text and spewing Google juice into the abyss, that it’d good to have an opportunity to be able to share how to select and how to use it appropriately and effectively.

    Happy blogging! :)

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