Want to recover my blog name of yesterday

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    I’m a new user. I started my first blog ever yesterday.
    Unfortunately I deleted my (empty) personal blog “jlkoning”.
    I would very much like to get this blog name back.
    Would you mind restoring my blog name “jlkoning”?

    Thanks for your help

    JL Koning

    The blog I need help with is grenobletech.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry but that’s not possible. It takes ignoring 3 warnings and then clicking a verification link in an email to delete a WordPress.com blog, as doing so means it’s gone forever. The URL cannot be recycled and reused by anyone.



    You’re right, I clicked on the verification link in the email I received but although it said that would delete my blog, it never said the blog name would be gone forever.
    Since I was the owner of that blog would you consider giving me back that blog name?



    I’m sorry but that’s not possible. If it was possible I would be at the top of the list asking for my Timethief blog back. Please register another blog using the closest URL you can to the one you deleted. http://en.support.wordpress.com/register-a-blog/ Or purchase a domain name bia a domain mapping uograde as it won’t matter what the URL of the underlying .wordpress.com sub-domain URL is in that case.



    The bottom of the “recycling-blog-names” page says:

    It is possible that, in future, we will consider reclaiming blog names that have been stockpiled by spammers and squatters and never used (although we make absolutely no promises that this will happen).

    Do you think I will be told if ever my blog name will be recycled?



    I doubt staff will say anything about it as there would likely then be a stampede to try and snatch up any good ones that were released. I expect they will just quietly make them available and let people just “find” them.

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