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Want to remove About menu

  1. I'm using the Neutra theme and can't seem to remove the About tab that's underneath the header.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Two ways. Delete the about page or create a custom menu and don't add the about page to it.

  3. I guess what I'm trying to do is create an About page but not have the tab show up on the top of the page. I want to create a page widget for the sidebar and have my About page there. Do all pages show up as a tab up top?

  4. If you want to "hide" a static page from appearing in the top navigation see here > and here >

    There is already a Pages widget so you do not have to create one.
    See here >

  5. The attributes box in the pages menu does not have a drop down menu....I'm still at a lost of how to hide the pages from the navigation bar.

  6. I don't want to permanently or temporally delete my about page. I currently have a widget on the side bar that links to my about page. The problem is that I also have an About tab in the navigation bar. As you can see I have two items linking to the same About page. I only want one link to the about page, the one on the sidebar, I don't want the About tab in the navigation bar, I want to hide it.

    I went to this link: that
    timethief directed me to but was not very helpful.

  7. Then make a custom menu and DO NOT put the about page in it. That was one of my first suggestions. The beauty of a custom menu is that you can put, or NOT put anything you want in it. If you do not want the about tab up there then don't put it into the custom menu. Put ONLY the things you want to be in the menu into the custom menu.

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