Want to Remove Gray Box around Photos with Captions (Coraline Theme)

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    I am having trouble getting my homepage to look how I want. I want the four images on http://kaylajenkins.com to be evenly spaced horizontally and vertically (kind of like a 2×2 table). I thought that one way to do this might be to increase the margins horizontally between the photos on each row, but whenever I do this, the gray boxes end up all out of alignment and no longer fit around the images. I’ve noticed that these boxes/frames only show up when an image has a caption. I do have the CSS upgrade–is there a way to get rid of all gray frames around images? (I don’t like the way they look in gallery images either, like this ) Alternatively, should I be editing the HTML code?

    Also, if there are any tricks you can tell me to help me basically create a grid of evenly spaced images, that would be extremely helpful, as this is how I’ll usually want to display images in the future.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    The blog I need help with is kaylajenkins.com.


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    IMO if you know enough about html to make a table of images, then it would be far simpler for you and much easier to insert a row of “captions” under your pictures than to try to use the caption fuction on wp.

    You don’t need CSS to insert tables. A row of images, followed by a row of “captions” followed by another pair of rows.

    Look here:

    Images with captions have the sort of formatting you describe because it is part of the CSS of the themes.


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    If you still want to change the CSS of how images with captions are displayed, I’ll move this thread to the CSS forum.

    But then again, I have inserted rows of 3 or 4 images without tables on several of my most recent posts. Don’t know if a CSS solution would be easier?…


    This should get rid of it everywhere.

    .wp-caption {
    background: transparent;

    I take that back, you need to do this too.

    .image-attachment .entry-content .entry-attachment {
    background: transparent;

    Thesacredpath, that takes care of it, thanks so much!

    Thanks also, 1tess, for the help with making a table. I will try to figure that out eventually, as it does seem like the best solution.


    You are welcome.

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