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Want to remove purple or blue outline around post photos?

  1. In the past (before the tree icon was removed) I was able to post photos in whatever size I uploaded onto WordPress WITHOUT the purple or blue outline (a linking outline?) showing up. Is there any way to eliminate this border? I've done a FAQ search and saw a similar topic from about a month ago, but I don't see where you can indicate no border in the media library. Here's a link to the post I am referring to...

    Thanks very much.

    PS - I very much miss the tree icon, but am trying to adjust. I just need to figure out the most economical way to the post photos as I want, where I want.

  2. Click on the photo and then click on the unlink icon (the broken chain link)

  3. thefunkyrooster

    That doesn't work at all.

  4. vivanpaige,

    thanks so much for the suggestion, because it worked for me.


  5. I am having the same problem, I tried to add the border="0" suggestion from other posts, and yes the line dissapears but then the art moves to the right instead of staying on the center. very frustrating. What do I need to ad to my CSS so it stays centered? Here's my code as it is right now:
    <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-43" src="" border="0">

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