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Want to remove wordads permanently

  1. Hi, I decided to try out WordAds on my blog, but have since decided to stop them.

    Problem is, as soon as I clicked stop ads, it appears that it may have done something to the layout of my blog.

    The footer with and theme name now appears as a strip right in the middle of the most recent post at the top, and my menu has now dropped to the bottom of the page, instead of being in the side bar.

    I have tried everything, including the cleaning cache and removing cookies, tried various browsers logged in and logged out, have changed themes and returned back to the same theme (and it still displays incorrect in any theme I've tried), but nothing corrects the blog display.

    This was not happening until the moment when I said stop WordAds.
    Is there some way to completely strip out the WordAds functionality (ie remove it as an option for my blog?). So, I'm not positive this is the issue, but it happened very coincidentally with that change.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Update: this problem only occurs on the main page when you land there. If you follow links to individual posts, the page displays correctly.

  3. Another update: since I cannot strip WordAds out of my blog, I have paused them. However, when viewing through mobile device through a link on Facebook, I notice the ads are still there.

    I really would appreciate any help with removing WordAds comepletely off my site.


  4. There are others who posted prior to you who are also waiting for a response for WordAds Staff.

  5. oops! I typed "for" when I meant to type "from".

  6. I did notice that. Thank you! Will wait for a reply...

  7. Continuing to look further into my site. I change themes again and it eliminated the bar across the page. I am still getting ads showing in mobile views, and now I just found this.
    Looking through an old post, all of my images have been stripped out and there are now images that appear to be ads that have replaced them. Is it possible my site is just infected?
    I really would like some help sorting this out.
    Thanks again.

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