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Want to see your posts somewhere besides your WP blog?

  1. Just go to and click on uncategorized. I found mine. Want to bet yours is there too? That's why I left WP and went to another blog hosting site. I just "happened" to find my post through a plagiarism search through CopyScape, and I'm pissed. I've left three commments, emailed the contact, and contacted WP support. It's still there.
    This site is for erectile dysfunction medications. Why they would want a post on "How to Buy << Inspiration" is beyond me. Like inspiration can be bought.
    Anyhow, if you see your post on this site, please leave a reply here.

  2. What is this, an Opt In Blog Scraper?

  3. I bought some inspiration the other day at as flea market run by gypsies. Very cheap it was too. However they cursed me for running away with their daughter and now I'm doomed to wander round in circles talking nonsense for 1000 years... but I sold the inspiration on the stock exchange and made a tidy profit! Yay!!

  4. "That's why I left WP and went to another blog hosting site"

    Your link leads to myspace. They protect your writing? They never protected mine - I've had to send several DMCA's for my work people stole there.

  5. By leaving WP isn't going to stop the scrapers from scraping your
    site we're talking about the internet here not a newspaper company... LOL

  6. Or is this why you moved and are blaming it on something else
    like the scraper issue. ( Not saying your content wasn't scraped)

    ?? » The WordPress Blog Has Moved to Blogger &laquo: ??

  7. Why doesn't anybody want to scrape my blog [she wailed]

  8. True answer: because you use static pages, not posts. If you used posts instead of pages, you'd get scraped. I'm not kidding, either.

  9. I know there are drawbacks in statics but I just like pages, it's the reason I chose the chaos theme, one small plus is if someone does find you they may well do a little tour hence one hit multiplies, also you can tell what works and what doesn't. You are thinking from a newshound perspective.

  10. There was a blog, loaded with politics, news, and Bush, in German language. But on its sidebar, there was my article, in English, about me pooping on a bus seat on a trip to some town.

  11. it was 'Die Geluckte Wurst' or something. I couldn't remember the correct spelling. I didn't bookmark it either.

  12. Go check and you'd find all my posts tagged with 'science' all over the place -- not quite sure if it's some scraper site though since it encloses a tiny-winy original rss link :€

  13. @babaliciou5,

    That's a scraper site.

  14. Consider that as free spread of words. LOL~
    Plant a fire, and spread it with those idiots.:)

  15. @teck
    I reported it to as soon as my DMCA notice was ignored by the owner of that site.

    LOL. But at least you got a point.

    And you know what? Many of my posts were re-published by some Indian and Arabian sraper sites right after being translated -- that's the reason I now only provide 4 major language translation widget on my sidebar ~LOL

  16. Hi Babalicious!

    Basically if one has a point, most should love them to be spreaded...
    I'd doubt Jesus will sue you for spreading his words...

    But of course, it'd be nice if they let people it comes from your blog. That's helps drive traffic, right? LOL~

    For me, I can't be bothered. It's not more legal problem that other steal my words if they doesn't incur income from such theft...

    I think maybe a global counsel should be formed in WordPress to do something, make history or what. We got enough pple in WordPress. For those who can judge straight, come together and make good decisions.


  17. lettershometoyou

    Am I the only one who often wonders what you're talking about?

  18. You couldn't be.

  19. It doesn't matter what blog domain myspace, wordpress, , typad you have....
    If you have any feeds or Pinging as just about every public blog has. Its open to scraping nuisance.
    See raincoaster comment.

  20. I would agree with your point Scope about the free share of info in the past.
    Scraping can actually take traffic away from your blog.
    If someone searches for a something that would take them to your post, A splogger with enough juice can show up before your post on a search.

    Its not fun fore bloggers who put hard work into a post, then only have taken away by a bot and put on another site, for the purposes of only selfish gaining search engine ratings

  21. Exactly.

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