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Want to share you teen blog here??

  1. jacquimartinfolio

    I've blogged before but just today have made my own 'teen blog' I guess you could call it.
    I need some viewers and thought we could share our blogs here??
    Mine is:

    What's yours? I'll come check it out!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. But those are all locked threads, timethief...

  3. The point of posting these threads wasn't so you could reply to them but so you can visit the blogs that have been posted in them.

  4. I have a blog...i just started it so there's not much on it yet :

  5. Perhaps like most new bloggers, I'm itching for some spiffy stats and nice comments. My blog is:

  6. I have a blog called The Mad Reviewer, in which I review YA fiction on a daily basis. I review everything from famous YA books (The Hunger Games) to obscure books (Run Like Jager).

  7. scrupulouserendipity

    I've recently started blogging, and some of my friends say they like how I'm honest :)

  8. rsjewelrydesigns

  9. just started this blog yesterday --->


  10. I started my blog last year - Just Another Teen Blogger

  11. Hey, just starting up a blog on music!

  12. ^scratch that! I changed the url!

  13. I dont know if I would call my blog "a teen blog," but I am a teen and I blog.

  14. I'm a teen blogger having a heart full of passions and enthusiasm. I've so many dreams and I want them to come true. Here's my blog Hnsaif. My blog is mostly about photography, poetry and some articles.
    Hamza Niaz Saif

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