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Want to show only excerpts on homepage

  1. The Manage/Posts page contains a box titled Optional Excerpts, but it doesn't seem to function. I've seen wordpress blogs that show only excerpts of posts on the homepage, plus "click to see more" links. Can I do that?

  2. Agreed. Use the more tag. Depending on which editor you use to write your posts, it's either a button labeled 'more' on the standard editor or Icon #13 if you're using the rich text editor.

    I believe the Optional Excerpts bit is theme dependant.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks, drmike. That did help. All my pages are truncated now on the homepage.

    Something about inserting the <more> function messed up my style span coding, though. Now the font sizes for the sidebars are a mess. I'm not savvy enough to fix them.

  4. Not the perfect solution, but I stripped away all the html font style and size coding and got myself back to default style for my template.

  5. Quick Question regarding optional Excerpt:

    Now, the key words in the rest of the article (not in the main page) will still show up in search engines. right?

  6. David, the issue with that is that you're putting the more tag in between the opening and closing tags for your style. You can try closing before the more tag and reopening it afterwards. It's a pain but that would get your styles back.

    Van, for the full page of the article, they will.

    I know for SEO purposes, it's always recommended and suggested that you use the category tags for key words. You may want to try that method.

    One plus that we've discussed in teh past is that will pay less attention to the actual main page now and more attention to the connect of the individual pages. We've had examples (I think it was with linuxguy) where the spiders were picking up the different word combos on the home page instead of the articles where the blogger wants folsk to land on. With less content on teh home page, there's less chance of this occuring.

    Hope this helps,

    I really need to go get my mail...

  7. Thanks, drmike.
    I'll give that a try.

  8. Hi...
    I take this problem too.
    My wordpress is:
    This blog ( not autorize, Edit index.php
    to substitut the_content for the excerpt
    Thanks and sorry my english

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