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    Here’s my blog site: http://markarmstrongillustration.wordpress.com/

    In my April 4th post: I’d just like to know how to skip a line (or more precisely, insert vertical space, a certain number of pixels) between my opening text and the first image. (And once I learn that trick, I hope it’s also something I can use to put more space between the sequential images in the same post.)

    I’ve tried inserting <br /><br /> and also <p></p> without success. Sure would appreciate an assist! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is markarmstrongillustration.wordpress.com.


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    Excellent article here to make space between lines:




    Many thanks! I’m bowing and scrapping here… : )

    What a struggle, though! I swear I’ve lost HTML code while patching in new (additional) HTML code in an attempt to fix things. Weird. Will struggle on with it for awhile– thanks again!



    I think I finally got myself straighten out. After about a gazillion edits, you can view my final-form April 4th post here: http://markarmstrongillustration.wordpress.com

    FWIW: I found I had better luck if I stuck with the Visual Editor, wrote the text and inserted images, and then fine-tuned the images’ appearance at the end, as follows:

    1. While in the Visual Editor: Click on the image to be edited
    2. Click on the Mountain Icon indicating you wish to edit the image, not delete it
    3. In the pop-up window, click on Advanced Settings
    4. If you want a border around the image, enter desired #pixels in the Border Field
    5. To add space above and below the image, enter desired #pixels in Vertical Space
    (***note: this adds an equal amount of vertical space above and below the image,
    but you can edit the image again (Steps #1-3 above) and adjust the #pixels
    above and/or below the image by entering the desired pixel value in the Styles
    field; repeat this edit as often as it takes to position the image with the desired
    amount of vertical space (pixels) both above and below it)

    Other Tips:

    1. Align the image when you first insert it– makes life easier. However, you can still
    do it after the fact by doing Steps #1-2 above, then entering the desired alignment
    in the Edit Image pop-up window.

    2. Resist the temptation to resize your image in Edit Image pop-up window
    (90%, 80%, whatever); it works, but you’ll be resizing a JPEG or a GIF, and
    you’ll wind up with a degraded image. If you decide your image is too big, delete
    it, create a new one (in Photoshop, whatever), and upload the new image to your
    WordPress Media library.

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