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Want to start a new blog, that is not linked to my blogs

  1. I am probably dense, I would like to start a blog for a friend on, but I do not want it linked to my dashboard. I would like a separate password and user name for their blog. When I start this blog, I just want to be sure it does not show up as one of my blogs. I am sure this easy to do, I just want to be sure of what I am doing.
    Blog url:

  2. You need to log out of, and start a whole new account with a new email. Then it's easy.

  3. Thanks Raincoaster, I knew there was an easy answer, that has been my problem the whole time! I have been so used to being logged in when on
    Many Thanks and Have a Great Day!


  4. I have a follow up question for your Rain Coaster, I started a blog Cville Smoke Shop, now it is my understanding that since this one has been started in my name under my acct. that there is no way to delete it and start it over under that name in a new account ....Right?

    So I may have to keep it under my account right ?

  5. That's right, you can't delete it and re-start it, but what you CAN do is transfer it to a different account. You just Invite that account/username under Users, make it and Admin, and remove yourself (your first account) as admin.

  6. Thanks Raincoaster,

    I may write back when I try this, I think I can do it without screwing it up (I think) by removing myself from the Cville blog, as admin (which is linked with my other blogs) will not effect any of the other blogs right? just the orginal Cville Smoke Shop blog. That is after I log out and start the new account and move the Cville blog.

    Thanks again.

  7. I went to sign up for a new account, to make this blog, however I see that it says what is the name of the blog, then a box says something like sign up just for a user name, is this what i should do? Then go to Users and invite like you stated above, will this transfer that blog, from my account to the new account?

    I will still be the administrator, however i guess I will have a new User Name and password.

    Just want to make sure I do it all right.

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