want to swap from wordpress to my own url…how?

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    i have my own web address registered, but I didn’t release that I could use my own when I developed my wordpress blog… does anyone know how I change to my own web address. I did see something about it, but only for those starting up with wordpress blog…

    Hope you can help

    The blog I need help with is nutritionaltherapylink.wordpress.com.


    Hi! You can map your own domain name to your WordPress.com blog with these steps.


    You’ll need to update your domain nameservers to point to WordPress.com and then purchase a domain mapping upgrade.



    I am wanting to do the same thing, change from a wordpress.com to my own (already registered) address and I understand all the documentation etc, the one thing I would like to know is: will I still be using my blog the same way?

    We are several administrators in various countries, will everyone still be able to access the blog the same way as before?




    @kerrymurrayphotography – the only thing that changes is the name that is shown on the address line of your browser – if you type in the old your-site.wordpress.com you will we redirected to your-new-name.com. The Dashboard and how you use and manage the blog will be exactly the same.


    Awesome! thanks so much.



    You be welcome & good luck

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