Want to switch fro starting paid account to the free.

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    I want to switch from paid to free account — just to get a feel for it and then maybe switch to a paid account.

    The blog I need help with is goodlifeinnapavalley.wordpress.com.



    What exactly do you mean by “paid account”?
    What is the URL for that blog starting with http:// ?



    That is part of my confusion.
    I thought by accident I clicked clicked on a paid blog when I actually meant free blog.
    I believe my URL would be goodlifeinnapavalley.
    Here is even a dumber question — how do people find my blog?
    I appreciate your help



    This is a free hosted WordPress.com blog. Anyone can find it by typing the URL http://goodlifeinnapavalley.wordpress.com/ into their upper browser bar and clicking.

    Please try using the helpful step by step tutorial Staff have linked to on the bottom of your Admin page at http://learn.wordpress.com and best wishes with your blog.

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