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  1. tech support phone number?

  2. There is not phone support. Please post what you need assistance with here and we will help you.

  3. All upgrades are listed here with links to details as to what each specific upgrade includes and how to proceed after purchasing an upgrade:

    Provided you are logged in under the username account that registered the blog under that username and also purchased the upgrades for the blog you ought to be able to update your credit card information on this page > Store > My Upgrades. For more information:

    Note also that you can access your billing information and/or print receipts here > Store > Billing History

    If you wish to contact Staff about the charges you see on your statement, please use this form (which works even when the main contact form is closed):

  4. OK, I did something in the jet pack dashboard thinking it would change the domain name or tell me I could not. Instead it totally rearranged my theme and I have no way of getting back to the dash board W.P. or J.P. Now I cannot change my theme or try to edit appearance or ANYTHING. My god, What have I done.

  5. If you need help with the free Jetpack plugin on your self-hosted WordPress site, please post details in the Jetpack support forum here so folks can help:

  6. The thing is I dont know where the problem is JP, WP... Thats why I would like to just have a 2 way conversation instead of trying to follow multiple support streams from different people. It is a simple problem that is now complex due to the customer service method.

  7. Gotcha. What's the URL of the site you're having a problem with?

    If it's a self-hosted site and you suspect the problem is with Jetpack, you can immediately deactivate Jetpack by removing or renaming it via FTP.

  8. Try to log in to JET PACK site and they require a different username/password and direct me back here.

  9. The Jetpack connection uses a account username and password.

    The administration area of your self-hosted site uses a separate username and password which you would have created when you installed WordPress on your host.

  10. You register a username account on the top right hand corner of this page

  11. oops! sorry Kathryn

  12. I'm not sure exactly what's happened to your site, but you can definitely try deactivating Jetpack using the FTP method I mentioned above. If you're still having issues, they likely aren't Jetpack-related and you'll need to request help in the support forums here:

  13. I took another look and I don't think the issue is Jetpack-related. Your code is referencing a different URL than the one on your homepage, which means there's a mismatch in your database. Unfortunately that isn't something we can help you with in the support forums. I wish you all the best in sorting this out.

  14. So WHO CAN help me? How do I change it in the data base?

  15. As I mentioned above, there is a free support forum for self-hosted WordPress sites here:

    Alternatively, you could find a web professional to help you.

  16. To try to clear up some confusion, and are two different systems. You can learn more about the differences here:

  17. I was prompted to add a different URL and thought I could change my domain name that way. How can I undo what I did if I cannot access the dashboard anymore?

  18. You'll have to go into the database directly, or have someone do it for you.

  19. I assumed that WAS made up of "web professionals"? Can THEY not access their own data base and fix this?

  20. That's the trouble - it's not our database, you purchased your own hosting and installed software on your host's web server, so we don't have access to it. Your host appears to be BlueHost. You might try contacting them for assistance.

  21. Thank you!

  22. My pleasure - good luck!

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