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want to transfer blog names from the same (one) account

  1. I want to switch names of blogs that are both mine. Do I do this via the "transfer blog to another user" ? I am just afraid that this option will not allow me to put the same username in. And I am afraid to delete the name of my blog in case I am then not be able to use it for my other blog. I hope this question makes sense.

    my blog is currently ""
    my other blog is currently ""

    I want "" to instead be ""

    I've already moved the content of "" to another blog name.

    Blog url:

  2. Do you want to swap the two names/URLs, or do you want just the one blog with the one name?

  3. oh wow, hey there!

    I want just the one blog with the one name and the other blog I will name something completely different.

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